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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Gap Up Stocks

Last time I made a blog post about gap down stocks, now I'm going to show you how to get a list of gap up stocks.
The reason traders want to keep up with gap up stocks is because made gap up stocks end up breaking previous high and then move to much higher prices. For this reason, some swing traders like to keep gap up stocks on their stock watchlist.

However, it is tedious if you are looking for stocks that gap up manually, so please use a technical stock screener to filter stocks quickly.

By using the above technical stock screener, I was able to pull up a list of stocks that gap up today quickly.

SymbolOpenHighLowCloseVolume% ChangeStock Prediction
GBSN0.250.330.220.289854090086.67%GBSN Stock Predictions
CPXX11.0912.6410.6512.481679180024.68%CPXX Stock Predictions
DUST3.513.863.463.847752330022.68%DUST Stock Predictions
JDST6.176.645.946.61696720019.75%JDST Stock Predictions
CERU3.483.622.742.82342950011.90%CERU Stock Predictions
UVXY22.0023.8321.9523.58308485009.37%UVXY Stock Predictions
TVIX4.915.304.905.24330152008.94%TVIX Stock Predictions
IPHI32.4033.0231.4432.9434921007.61%IPHI Stock Predictions
ERY21.5122.5621.2922.4526744006.70%ERY Stock Predictions
PGH1. Stock Predictions
AFFX15.2515.3514.8315.1181991005.15%AFFX Stock Predictions
VRX33.0734.4032.4233.43393091004.83%VRX Stock Predictions
HZNP16.1516.9815.8516.3265244003.68%HZNP Stock Predictions
HNT66.7168.4466.3467.1952702003.67%HNT Stock Predictions
SCS15.3715.6914.5715.2021509001.00%SCS Stock Predictions

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