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Monday, March 21, 2016

Gap Down Stock Screener

If you are looking for a list of gap down stocks, then check out Gap Down Stock Screener. Gap down stocks are useful if you are a swing trader looking for stocks that are hitting bottom. However, you need to be cautious as many stocks may drop even further than their already low prices. Sometimes, it is better to keep these gap down stocks on a watchlist and wait for a confirmation signal where they shows signs of recovery.

The following is the latest list of gap down stocks for 3/21/16.

SymbolOpenHighLowCloseVolume% ChangeStock Prediction
ARO0. Stock Predictions
AFFX14.4014.7014.3014.405853400-9.94%AFFX Stock Predictions
EPE5.746.115.315.433440300-8.59%EPE Stock Predictions
TSE36.7836.8835.1435.333904800-6.68%TSE Stock Predictions
SDRL3.613.713.483.539066000-5.87%SDRL Stock Predictions
EXXI0.880.890.810.872884800-5.43%EXXI Stock Predictions
WYN79.0079.6075.0977.074769300-4.60%WYN Stock Predictions
X15.2015.4714.6715.1516290700-3.87%X Stock Predictions
MT4.434.494.334.3912184300-3.73%MT Stock Predictions
CMC16.7916.8316.2916.552074100-3.55%CMC Stock Predictions
BMRN76.1379.8175.9078.192746400-3.40%BMRN Stock Predictions
RRC33.1933.8332.0032.933626200-3.00%RRC Stock Predictions
RIG10.5510.7510.2710.5316396600-2.32%RIG Stock Predictions
JNPR25.8526.2725.7025.8010657900-2.24%JNPR Stock Predictions
NTAP26.5827.0026.5226.793301600-1.65%NTAP Stock Predictions
LGF21.9322.3621.5022.263903000-1.59%LGF Stock Predictions
NGD3.703.883.653.803196400-1.30%NGD Stock Predictions
DNR2.542.712.462.589682000-1.15%DNR Stock Predictions
CLF2.923.062.823.066509400-0.33%CLF Stock Predictions

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