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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Stock Market Simulator

For stock trading beginners, it is recommended that you practice your trading skills before you dive into the market. Stock market beginners should paper trade a few weeks or even months to get familiar with the stock market. This way, you won't risk any more in the market while learning. Remember, the stock market will never run away, so never jump in the stock market when you are not ready.
You can use this Stock Market Simulator to practice your skills and learn technical analysis for trading.

Stock Trading Simulator

Test your trading skills with our free stock market simulator. Our stock chart simulator uses historical market data to generate random chart and stock data so that you can predict whether the stock will go up or down. Your account starts with $100,000.00 play money, and you have the option to buy or sell a stock based on the chart. When you make the correct decision, your account will grow. Your account will decrease when you make the wrong decision. In addition, you have the option to skip the trade for charts that you don't like. When you are unsure about a stock chart, you also have the view option to see how a stock perform without buying or selling the stock.

Stock trading simulator is best used by swing traders and day traders to learn technical analysis and trading skills. Long term investors will not find the stock simulator useful because it ignores all the fundamental data, and focuses only on stock chart and trade setups. For short term traders, this stock market game provides a good way to practice your stock picking skills and learn some basic trading strategies.

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