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Monday, December 29, 2008

Stocks to buy for tomorrow (12/30/08)

Buy List
Symbol: PWRD
Company: Perfect World Co., Ltd
Trading Volume: 727,744
Plan Entry: Tomorrow
Plan Exit: 1-4 days

The stock produces the following bullish signals.
Technical Analysis:
1. Macd crossover and rising from below 0.
2. Stochastic crossover and is rising from below 20 (the oversold area)
3. Candlestick produces bullish signals
4. The stock rised today with strong volume 727,744 which is more than the average volume of 403,000.

Fundamental Analysis
1. Company announced share buy back - this is a good for company in the long run as they are confident in their company.

Watch List for 12/30/08
The following stocks are on my watch list. They are both showing doji today, and their stochastic are still bearish. If they rise tomorrow with strong volume, they could become a buy.
1. DZZ
2. PVX

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